A break between a cold snap and a stormy day brought beautiful orienteering weather to Catalina State Park on November 20th.  John Pascal set a full range of courses using 30 controls fanning out to the east of the picnic area starting point. A total of 35 people, some grouped into teams, attempted one or more courses.  Alison Crocker was the clear champion with a blazing 60-minute run of the red course.

Thanks to Peg Davis for teaching the beginners’ clinic and to Helen Deluga and Jeff Brodsky for help with registration and timing.  Thanks also to Jeff Brucker, Larry Lamb, Jeff Brodsky, and John Pascal for control retrieval.



Two saguaros that are mapped as "prominent cactus" features. (Photo by G. Townsend)



The meet headquarters. (Photo by G. Townsend)


Jeff Brodsky

Jeff Brodsky at the timing table. (Photo by G. Townsend)


  RED (5.8 km)  
1F      Alison Crocker 60:10
1M Don Fallis 96:11
2M Jeff Brucker 116:47
  Peg Davis DNF
  GREEN (4.9 km)  
1M Kimball Forrest 55:23
2M John Little 99:39
3M Larry Peterson 126:27
  Larry Lamb REC
  Tom Allen DNF
  Bob Walsh DSQ
  Michail Gurevitch DSQ
  ORANGE (3.5 km)  
1M Daniel Yamashire 76:30
1T Team Hedgehog 92:55
2T Cains Family 111:04
1F Kay Mathieson 125:55
2F GeeGee Larrington      177:07
  Helen Deluga REC
  YELLOW (2.9 km)  
1T SAFARI 46:20
1F Jeanne Walsh 72:11
2T R Miller / P Matting 132:43
  Gail Brodsky Team REC
  Anne Dalton REC