Catalina State Park, 2/20 - Day 1 Long: Results / Splits

Catalina State Park, 2/20 - Day 1 Night: Results / Splits

Catalina State Park, 2/21 - Day 2 Classics: Results / Splits

Sunday at Catalina State Park, Ruth Legget, age 88, finishes her course brandishing her trusty hiking pole: “I almost ran into a rattle snake at one control. Luckily I had my hearing aids on so I could hear it!”  A Golden Girl indeed!

University of Arizona, 2/22 - Long and Short Sprints: Results

Box Canyon, 2/23 - Pronghorn: Results

Ironwood Picnic Area, 2/24 - Classics: Results

Robbins Butte, 2/27 - Score-O: Results

Papago Park, 2/28 - Sprints: Results

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The Courses

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Catalina State Park Long: WhiteYellowOrangeBrownGreenRed / Blue

Catalina State Park: Night-O

Catalina State Park Classic: WhiteYellowOrangeBrownGreenRed / Blue

University of Arizona Sprints: Long / Short

Box Canyon Pronghorn: Doe / Buck

Meet Director Reports

The Pronghorn at Box Canyon, Tuesday 2/23

After three days of orienteering to the north of and in Tucson proper the SW Spring Week moved to the rolling grasslands north of Sonoita. Orienteerers who ventured south for the goat style Pronghorn race were rewarded with much cooler temperatures and breezy conditions to help push them up the hills and around the course. To keep the festive atmosphere of the SWSW, I decided to have some fun with the Pronghorn. Orienteerers were allowed to follow, skip any control, given two “boxes” with four controls in each that they could take in any order, and finished the course with a line-O section of three controls. Everyone commented on the spectacular scenery and great running conditions, especially the lack of cacti!

The young orienteering stars displayed their talents again by sweeping up on the long Buck course. Izak Prellner was first followed by Isabel Bryant. Orienteerers on the Buck all took different strategies when it came to skipping a control. Izak opted to skip the climb to the water control (#14) and ran up the valley straight to #15.

Competition on the shorter Doe course was much tighter. Leonid Shatskin was first, with Linda Kohn coming in second just nipping Leif Lundquist by 3 seconds. The most common skip on the Doe was the #13 in the far northwest corner of the second box.

A big thanks to Ben Markley for helping set up the registration area and to Jeff Brodsky, Brad Poe, Leif Lundquist and Isak Prellner for assisting with control pick-up and to Nancy Coker for assisting with control vetting and flagging .

- Jeff Coker, Course Setter and Meet Director


Ironwood Picnic Area, Wednesday 2/24

With a light breeze and a high of only 75, even the out-of-town orienteers were shivering at the change from the sweltering weekend meets. I have seldom seen such bedraggled finishers - was it because of 5 straight days of events, a demanding goat the day before or the flat-but-intellectually-demanding terrain of the Ironwood Forest? There were no complaints about the course and we were happy to finish the SWSW Tucson portion in style.

I would like to thank the many volunteers who gave so much to this meet. John Little designed five satisfying courses. John Pascal, John Little and Larry Pedersen made this meet possible by spending many hours flagging locations and hanging controls. More controls and water depots were placed the morning of the meet by Peter Hutter, Gregg Townsend, Mike Thompson, Mike Byers and Pat TownsendPat Townsend worked registration and timing like my Siamese twin. Afterward, Leif Lundquist, Jeff Coker, Isak Prellner, Barb Bryant and Ben Markley gave even more by retrieving controls.

- Peg Davis, Meet Director