Our February Catalina State Park meet was put on by a bunch of out-of-towners. Glenn Haselfeld (from Prescott AZ) designed courses; Peter Graube (from California) hung controls; Barb Bryant (from MA) directed; meet helpers included Linda and Carl Moore (Seattle), Ethan Childs and Keegan Harkavy (from MA), and Erin Schirm (from CA). Huge thanks also to locals Jeff and Nancy Coker (registration/starts), Mike Thompson (equipment), Jeff Brucker (hang controls and registration), Jeff Brodsky, and Peg Davis for housing and snacks. Glenn set courses to bring the advanced runners up into a nice northern area of the map.

In addition to the regular meet on Sunday, Orienteering USA coach Erin Schirm held a training camp on both Saturday and Sunday, attended by about 20 people. Erin started us off on Saturday with a run through terrain, which led into a discussion about the symbols on the map and how they look in real life. It was rainy, but we carried on through a couple more exercises.

For next year, we are considering planning a week of training in Arizona, perhaps attracting more people including orienteers from other countries.  Let us know if you'd like to help organize it!

For Kyle Richardson, and Raven & Jacob, and Peggy Andreson, we could not find their scorecards, but we listed them in the results as attending.


Name Place Time (min)
White Course    
Alanna Mejia 1 56
Margot Richardson 2 60
Yellow Course    
Jennifer Kerr 1 68
Heather McLean 2 72
Scott Woods 3 80
Will and Casey 4 82
Degan Gurnett 5 96
Victoria Hart and Jonathan Rickel 6 102
Eric McGuire 7 115
Shaun Atkinson DNF  
Orange Course    
Heather McLean 1 69
April Brooker & Jeff Rahier 2 81
Erin Boland 3 103
Nancy Coker 4 115
Peggy Andresen No card    120
Keegan Harkavy DNF  
Brown Course    
Gary Hickey   63
Kaiser Anderson 1 81
Faye Doria 2 95
Raven Canova and Jacob McEachrin    No card 74
John Potenz and David Fausey DNF  
Green Course    
Claudia Rickel 1 161
Larry Peterson 2 214
Pascals DNF  
Red Course    
Don Fallis 1 143
Steve Andresen DNF  
Blue Course    
Mark Prior 1 102
Jeff Coker 2 112
Tim Lo DNF  
Unknown Course    
Kyle Richardson No card 95