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Case Natural Resource Park

January 9, 2022

Course Setter:

Jeff Brucker

Meet Director:

Peg Davis

Photo Credit:

Jeff Brucker

Our first event on our new Case Natural Resource Park map was in lovely clear Tucson winter weather.  Jeff Brucker discovered this local resource, mapped it and set a sprint/score-O course for us on January 9th for our first event of the year. 

While meet directing allowed me (Peg Davis) to enjoy the company of some old pals, we had a healthy crop of standout new runners.  Mark Yungbluth finished second on the sprint course at his second-ever orienteering event.  I was happy to give a few beginner's clinics - because beginners are pre-experts!

This meet marked the soft opening of Animal-O, a race to introduce kids to orienteering.  Look for it at future events and bring your favorite 3-10 year olds.

I thank Cristina Luis, Melissa Trout, Jeff Brodsky, Team Ruination and Jeff  Brucker for their work during the meet and control retrieval afterwards.

No photos yet.


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