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Permanent Course Maps

Permanent courses are always there, so you can do them any time - no need to wait for an organized meet or training session.  Just draw your own course or, if using UsynlignO (see below) select a course to print on the map, and you'll know when you've made it to the right check point.  For beginners a permanent course helps you learn basic skills and get a feel for the sport.  An advanced orienteer can use it to practice advanced techniques or get in some terrain intervals. We offer three types of permanent course maps:

  • Greasewood Park - a map with permanent concrete monuments located in the terrain.

  • University of Arizona - maps with well-described terrain features that you answer questions to confirm you are in the right location.

  • UsynligO - various maps of courses near Tucson that you can navigate with a phone app without flags or markers.

These permanent course maps can be accessed and are described in more detail below.

Disclaimer: All of the information contained on this page is provided for educational use only. Our permanent maps are not kept up to date, so anyone who uses them for any purpose accepts all responsibility for their use. Possession of an orienteering map does not imply right of access; make sure you are following all the rules and regulations of any park or other land you need to access in order to run these courses. In addition, third-party apps, such as Livelox and UsynligO, are developed and maintained by their respective owners, so anyone who uses them for any purpose accepts that the Tucson Orienteering Club accepts no responsibility for their use.

Greasewood Park

The Tucson Orienteering Club maintains a permanent orienteering course at Greasewood Park on the west side of Tucson. This permanent course consists of a set of numbered concrete posts, marked on the map with a circle and a dot, and numbered. A section of this map is shown here.  The complete 1:5000-scale map can be downloaded here for printing.

Control Marker in Tree
University of Arizona

Three courses are available.  A section sample of the course map is shown here.  Each permanent course consists of a set of natural urban features, marked on the 1:5000-scale map with a circle and numeral. They can be navigated to with the help of a clue and question sheet which can only be answered by finding the correct location.  After you are finished with the course you may check how well you did by comparing your answers with those on the answer sheet. 


UsynligO is a phone app (iPhone or Android) that you can use to run orienteering courses without flags. You load up a georeferenced course and it uses the phone's GPS to chime and confirm that you are at the right location.

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