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Forms for Event Participants
  • Membership Form - Print this form to apply for or renew your TSN membership or join/renew online.

  • Offline Waiver - This is the paper waiver form for participants of all ages who do not register online. It is especially important for parents or guardians of minors under 18 to make sure this form is downloaded, printed, completed, signed and brought to the event if someone other than you is bringing the child to the event. 

Forms for Event Organizers
  • Event Template - This template is for creating event announcements for this website.

  • Membership Form - Used for signing up new (or renewing) TSN members at the event site.

  • Registration Form - Used to register participants at the event site who did not register online.

  • Registration Log - Used by the Registrar to log participants during some local events.

  • Timer's Log - Used by the Timer to record start and finish times during events.

  • Today's Schedule Poster - This fill-in-the-blank poster displays the schedule for your event.

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