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Southwest Spring Week

February 18-26, 2023

Course Setter:

Many setters! See events pages at for their names.

Meet Director:

Many directors! See events pages at for their names.

Photo Credit:

Cristina Luis

Thanks to everyone who joined us to orienteer at SWSW 2023!

You can see results from the Tucson area events at the 2023 results page.  In addition to results and split times (when applicable), each day has a link to a route-comparison tool called Livelox.  With this tool you can see the course maps, watch how people ran their courses, and provide your own routes.  You can provide your route from either a gps upload (from a watch or phone app) or by manually drawing it in. See the Livelox documentation for more information.

You can see results from the Phoenix area events at the GPHXO results page.

Mark the month of early March, 2024 (March 2-10 tentative) for next year's Southwest Spring Week!

No photos yet.


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