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A short description of Orienteering!

A fun, challenging outdoor navigation activity using map and compass, along trails, cross-country, or a combination of both.  Events are held in the wild, in city parks, anywhere outdoors.  Each event has several levels of difficulty: from a fun family walk, to a challenging cross-country hike, to a competitive running sport.

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In Memoriam

Linda Moore was best friend and wife to Carl, mother to three daughters, a tennis champ in high school, taught high school biology for 30 years, and a climber in her forties. She began orienteering in her fifties. Often the national champ for her age group, Linda and Carl began competing at Tucson events in the 1990's, and set and helped out at many of our events. She is missed by all of us in the orienteering community.

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The next GPHXO event will be on July 16 at Lowell Observatory near Flagstaff, AZ.  For details, see

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